Lebo fresh cream cheese

Fresh Lebo cream cheese is the number one flavouring among professional chefs.
We are the only company in the Netherlands that creates cream cheese in-house from fresh Dutch milk sourced from meadow-grazed cows. This enables us to produce high-quality cream-cheese products with a unique flavour whilst also guaranteeing maximum freshness.

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Lebo Cheezer®

Lebo Cheezer® is a ready-made sauce made with real Cheddar cheese and overwhelming authenticity of flavour. Thanks to our artisanal cheesemaking skills and our knowledge of taste, scent and texture, we make products that tower over even our closest competitors.

Lebo Cheezer® cheese sauce can be used for all kinds of applications from pure sauce to a flavoursome topping for countless dishes.

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Lebo Plantz®

Lebo Plantz®, our very latest innovation, is the ultimate vegan alternative to cream cheese. We believe in a world in which animal-based and plant-based foods can go hand in hand. 

Based on our years of experience, we have taken a new and original combination of ingredients and transformed them into Lebo Plantz®, a delicious vegan alternative with exactly the same flavour and applicability of cream cheese!

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