Cheese fillings

In recent years, the demand for cheese snacks has been growing all around the world. We offer an extensive range of cheese fillings for various applications such as snacks, finger food, meat and meat replacement products. 

Together we can develop the perfect product to meet your exact needs with regard to specific flavours, compositions, processability, deep-fry-stability, bake-stability, meltability, vegetarian/non-vegetarian products and physical properties, among many other variables. We add functional ingredients to develop specific processed cheese products from high-melt to no-melt with a diverse range of flavours such as Gouda, Camembert, Cheddar or mozzarella. The cream cheese filling variety is also available in many different types of packaging, including packets, chub packs and tubs.

cheese meat filling
cheese sticks

Vegetarian/vegan options

We also offer vegetarian and vegan products and have devoted a great deal of attention to plant-based alternatives in recent years. This is a growing market and we are convinced that feeding the world of tomorrow will require a transition to a more plant-based/vegan diet. We have successfully developed cheese alternatives that are barely distinguishable from real cheese in both taste and texture. Our knowledge and range of flavourings enable extremely accurate fine-tuning of flavour.

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cheese fillings snacks and fingerfood

Snacks & finger food

  • Processability: pumpability, sliceability, shapeability, grateability and extrudability
  • Melting profile: from no-melt to semi-melt
  • Stability: bake-stable, deep-fry-stable and freeze/thaw-stable
  • Storage: refrigerated
  • Certification opportunities

Meat and meat replacement products

  • Processability: pumpability, sliceability, shapeability, grateability
  • Melting profile: from no-melt to semi-melt
  • Stability: bake-stable and freeze/thaw-stable
  • Storage: refrigerated
  • Certification opportunities
cheese fillings meat and meat alternatives


Driven by our passion for dairy, we provide high-quality and sustainable cheese and dairy products for our partners based on our core values of flexibility, reliability and innovation. We develop fully customised products that meet your specific needs and -if applicable- your production process.

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Quality is paramount in both the products we create and the service we provide. We strive to continually optimise our processes.

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cheese testing


Together with our clients, we determine the most suitable packaging for product groups such as processed cheese, cheese dips, cheese sauce and cream cheese. We offer a wide range of packaging, including packets, drums, chub packs, blocks, tubs and pots. Get in touch today we'd love to tell you more!

Production process: processed cheese

We have a continual focus on innovation and invest in our top-of-the-range production facilities to ensure maximum production efficiency and premium-quality products. Are you curious about how we produce our processed cheese? If so, read on for a brief description of the various steps.

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processed cheese production process

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