Cream cheese

Tradition and craft is at the heart of everything we do. We are the only company in the Netherlands that creates cream cheese in-house from fresh Dutch milk sourced from meadow-grazed cows. We also apply as few additives as possible to ensure an optimally natural product with an optimally delicious flavour.

We have a standard range of cream cheeses suitable for all kinds of applications. We supply products to the industrial, food-service and retail sectors. For the food-service sector, we offer our own brand of Lebo products as well as offering private label solutions. Besides our standard product range, we also create customised cream cheese products for clients. These products are mainly manufactured for industrial clients and used for an extensive range of applications.

Resistant to separation

Vegetarian/vegan options

We also offer vegetarian and vegan products and have devoted a great deal of attention to plant-based alternatives in recent years. This is a growing market and we are convinced that feeding the world of tomorrow will require a transition to a more plant-based/vegan diet. We have successfully developed cheese alternatives that are barely distinguishable from real cheese in both taste and texture. Our knowledge and range of flavourings enable extremely accurate fine-tuning of flavour.

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Lebo fresh cream cheese

Fresh Lebo cream cheese is the number one flavouring among professional chefs.
We are the only company in the Netherlands that creates cream cheese in-house from fresh Dutch milk sourced from meadow-grazed cows. This enables us to produce high-quality cream-cheese products with a unique flavour whilst also guaranteeing maximum freshness.

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Industrial bakeries frequently use our products to fill their baked goods. Our cream cheese does not leak out of products during the baking process. As well as providing the perfect flavour for savoury snacks, we also offer semi-manufactured products for producers of cheesecake and other sweet treats.

cream cheese assortment bakery
cream cheese assortment fresh

Fresh produce

As our cream cheese is bake-stable and does not leak, it is also used as a filling for fresh breaded goods such as meat, fish and vegetarian products.

Finger food and tapas

Thanks to the rich flavour and high bake-stability of our cream cheese, our clients frequently use it to manufacture finger food and snacks such as deep-fried cheese croquettes and cheese-filled tapas such as stuffed peppers. Many different flavours of our cream cheese are also used as a filling for stuffed brie.

cream cheese assortment fingerfood and tapas
cream cheese assortment sauces and dips

Sauces and dips

Our cream cheese adds a beautiful creamy texture to soups and sauces, making it a highly popular addition to mushroom soup or creamed spinach. Cream cheese offers countless opportunities for all kinds of flavours of dip, especially when combined with yoghurt, quark or butter.


Besides caterers, our cream cheese is also used by manufacturers of convenience products such as sandwiches and filled wraps. Its smooth texture combined with a full flavour gives you a perfect basis to add your own unique twist with fresh ingredients. Cream cheese is also a popular ingredient to add flavour to convenience foods such as stuffed portobello mushrooms or as part of ready meals/recipes.

cream cheese assortment convenience


Driven by our passion for dairy, we provide high-quality and sustainable cheese and dairy products for our partners based on our core values of flexibility, reliability and innovation. We develop fully customised products that meet your specific needs and -if applicable- your production process.

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Production and quality

Quality is paramount in both the products we create and the service we provide. We strive to continually optimise our processes.

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processed cheese production process
Cheese sauce in tub

Private label

We offer customised private label products for use under your own brand name, for which we develop customised recipes with exactly the right flavour, texture, colour and price to suit your specific needs.

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