processed cheese production process

Production process: processed cheese

We have a continual focus on innovation and invest in our top-of-the-range production facilities to ensure maximum production efficiency and premium-quality products.

Our close collaboration with our sister company Lekkerkerker Food & Dairy Equipment allows us to combine both product knowledge and technological knowledge, which allows us to shift gears quickly and flexibly as well as ensuring our equipment and technology are always up-to-date. For example, we use advanced UHT (Ultra-High-Temperature sterilisation) technology that enables milk to be treated at temperatures of above 100°C in a very short time.

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Recipe development

Together, we seek the perfect recipe with the perfect flavour, composition, processability, meltability and physical properties for your specific application.

Cream cheese production

Cold grinding and mixing

Firstly, the raw materials are finely ground and mixed with water and emulsifying salts, which ensures that all ingredients remain thoroughly mixed.

Mixing cream cheese in production

Melting and pasteurisation

The cheese is subsequently pasteurised to kill any bacteria present: this is done by heating the cheese for a short time.

Sterilising process production cheese Lekkerkerker Food


In addition to pasteurisation, we also use advanced UHT (Ultra-High-Temperature sterilisation) technology that enables milk to be treated at temperatures of above 100°C in a very short time.

Production cheese bars


The product is now ready to be transferred into the desired packaging. We offer a wide range of packaging, including packets, drums, chub packs, blocks, tubs and pots. Get in touch today – we'd love to tell you more!

Cooling down cheese blocks


The cheese is subsequently refrigerated in order to bring the temperature back down.

Warehouse Lekkerkerker food cheese production


Once the cheese products have been cooled, they are ready for logistical processing.


Driven by our passion for dairy, we provide high-quality and sustainable cheese and dairy products for our partners based on our core values of flexibility, reliability and innovation. We develop fully customised products that meet your specific needs and -if applicable- your production process.

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Cheese sauce in tub
production technology

Production technology

Our sister company Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment specialises in processing and production lines for the dairy and food industry all over the world. Besides manufacturing your products, we can also provide technical and technological assistance for any issues you may be having.

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