Cheese sauce in tub

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We offer customised recipes for cream cheese and dairy spreads, including plant-based/vegan (cream) cheese solutions. The recipes are developed with exactly the right flavour, texture, colour and price to suit your specific needs. Thanks to our vast knowledge of various types of packaging in combination with our machines and a solid network of design agencies and packaging suppliers, we are capable of providing full-service project management.

Our vast range of production lines and machines allows us to offer an immense range of packaging and we would love the opportunity to discuss all of the packaging possibilities with you.

Our markets

We specialise and excel in manufacturing a wide range of cheese and dairy products and plant-based alternatives for the industrial, food-service and retail markets.

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Our way of working

When a client approaches us to manufacture a product, we set up a multidisciplinary project team.

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Driven by our passion for dairy, we provide high-quality and sustainable cheese and dairy products for our partners based on our core values of flexibility, reliability and innovation. We develop fully customised products that meet your specific needs and -if applicable- your production process.

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Our secret formula

Our passion for food is what drives us. Every day, we strive tirelessly to ensure our dairy-based and plant-based cream cheese and cheese products are of the highest possible quality.


A solution for every problem
The power of innovating together
Production technology expertise
A sustainable future


Quality is paramount in both the products we create and the service we provide. We strive to continually optimise our processes.

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Together with our clients, we determine the most suitable packaging for product groups. We offer a wide range of packaging, including packets, drums, chub packs, blocks, tubs and pots. Get in touch today – we'd love to tell you more!


We have a continual focus on innovation and invest in our top-of-the-range production facilities to ensure maximum production efficiency and premium-quality products. 

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Cheese sauce in tub

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