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At Lekkerkerker Food, we are constantly experimenting with flavours, textures and processes. Nobody understands the challenges involved in creating the perfect cream cheese, dairy based spread and plant-based alternatives better than we do. Absolutely everything must be perfect. 

If you are looking for faster production or to make new waves within your market, we will always offer a smart solution. This is only possible as part of an open collaboration. We love to share ideas, insights and inspire each other as this makes us stronger, smarter and speedier together. 

We offer a wide range of semi-manufactured goods such as bake-stable cream cheese and vegetarian and vegan cream cheese alternatives for bakeries, manufacturers of baked goods, snacks and tapas products and many other businesses in the food sector.



Driven by our passion for dairy, we provide high-quality and sustainable cheese and dairy products for our partners based on our core values of flexibility, reliability and innovation. We develop fully customised products that meet your specific needs and -if applicable- your production process.

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Production and quality

We have a continual focus on innovation and invest in our top-of-the-range production facilities to ensure maximum production efficiency and premium-quality products.

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Private label

We offer customised private label products for use under your own brand name, for which we develop customised recipes with exactly the right flavour, texture, colour and price to suit your specific needs.

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Our secret formula

Our passion for food is what drives us. Every day, we strive tirelessly to ensure our dairy-based and plant-based cream cheese and cheese products are of the highest possible quality.


A solution for every problem
The power of innovating together
Production technology expertise
A sustainable future


Together with our clients, we determine the most suitable packaging for product groups such as processed cheese, cheese dips, cheese sauce and cream cheese. We offer a wide range of packaging, including packets, drums, chub packs, blocks, tubs and pots. Get in touch today – we'd love to tell you more!

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