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Our way of working

Top-class project management is essential for the successful introduction of your brand of dairy product. When a client approaches us with the goal of producing a specific product, we set up a multidisciplinary project team and formulate a project plan and a schedule.
Decisions must be made concerning recipes, ingredients, suppliers, content, pricing, packaging, artwork, stock levels and the launch date. We monitor the progress on a weekly basis and make adjustments whenever necessary. We keep our clients fully up-to-date on progress for each of the various subjects.
Every project is different: sometimes we're developing a recipe for a single branded product in a standard pot, other times we're conducting major projects to introduce dozens of projects at once with a new type of packaging and substantial investment in production line technology. Together, we can do anything!

"The possibilities are endless: if we can see an opportunity, we will make it happen."

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Every day, our product designers work tirelessly to develop new solutions and concepts. Our team of highly motivated and experienced professionals offers the flexibility and effectiveness of a medium-sized enterprise while still delivering the professionalism and quality required to serve major national and international corporations. Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge, we now occupy a leading position in the field of cheese solutions and plant-based alternatives. Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Together, we can create the perfect product!

Our secret formula

Our passion for food is what drives us. Every day, we strive tirelessly to ensure our dairy-based and plant-based cream cheese and cheese products are of the highest possible quality.


A solution for every problem
The power of innovating together
Production technology expertise
A sustainable future
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Who we are

We have been devising and producing innovative cheese solutions for generations. Our clients are businesses seeking the perfect ingredient for their own product, brands in search of the perfect flavour and professional chefs who rely on our solutions for their creative culinary masterpieces.

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