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Quality and certification

Product quality, food safety and the health and safety of our staff are the three main pillars of our group. Ensuring these requires a meticulous process from start to finish, from the careful selection of our suppliers to the storage of samples from every batch until the expiration date.

Food safety

All batches are analysed for microbiological, organoleptic and chemical aspects in accordance with a meticulous sampling plan. For this purpose, we exclusively use accredited laboratories. All inspections related to the quality of our products are registered and all data is stored, as this is how we lay the foundations for continual improvement. This ensures that all processing and analysis results are fully traceable both top-down and bottom-up via the name and batch code or expiration date, and remain so for at least two years after the expiration date. 

We ensure that our staff receive relevant training to refresh and expand their knowledge of subjects such as hygiene, microbiology, HACCP, foreign substances and allergens, and we implement strict measures with regard to decontamination and counterfeiting of food.

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To monitor our compliance with both our own and our clients' standards, we conduct internal audits throughout the year. In addition, we invite external parties and accredited laboratories to monitor the critical components of our quality system, and every year, an audit is conducted for the purposes of certification. These certifications are not a goal in themselves, although they do help to confirm that our strategy towards our products and our clients is heading in the right direction. 

We are also fully certified to produce kosher, halal, organic and/or vegan dairy products. 

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