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Our solutions for foodservice

Within the Foodservice channel, we have various options to offer ranging from the introduction of our own strong brand, Lebo, to private label solutions.

Lebo is the Foodservice brand of our family business, which has been making cheese and dairy specialties since 1977. With years of experience in dairy and our broad technological knowledge, we know how to distinguish ourselves in terms of quality and taste.

If you want to introduce a product under your own label or house brand, Lekkerkerker Food is the right place to be. In our assortment, we offer private label possibilities for products like cream cheese and dairy spreads, including plant-based/vegan options. The recipes are developed to meet your needs in terms of taste, texture, color, and desired price level.


Both under the Lebo brand and private label solutions, various packaging options are available. Examples include bags, buckets, sausages, piping bags, machelles, trays, and cups. We would be happy to tell you more about these.


Mastery in dairy since 1977

Meet Lebo, the pride of our family business since 1977. As masters in cheese and dairy specialties, we distinguish ourselves with our superior quality and taste. Discover our product lines, including the innovative Lebo Plantz®, our plant-based alternative that is just as delightful as traditional cream cheese. Perfect for any professional kitchen, designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Learn more about our passion for dairy innovation on the Lebo website.


Private label

We offer customised private label products for use  under your own brand name, for which we develop customised recipes with exactly the right flavour, texture, colour and price to suit your specific needs.

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Our secret formula

Our passion for food is what drives us. Every day, we strive tirelessly to ensure our dairy-based and plant-based cream cheese and cheese products are of the highest possible quality.


A solution for every problem
The power of innovating together
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A sustainable future
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Production and quality

We have a continual focus on innovation and invest in our top-of-the-range production facilities to ensure maximum production efficiency and premium-quality products.

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