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St. Paul and Royal ERU announce strategic alliance with the intention to integrate Kasi Food

St. Paul and Koninklijke ERU, two supposed Dutch-Belgian processed cheese companies, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership under which they intend to purchase Kasi Food, the processed cheese business of De Lekkerkerker Food, and retain it in both companies.

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Lebo launched vegan cream cheese alternatives during Horecava 2023 #3

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Lebo launched vegan cream cheese alternatives during Horecava 2023 #2

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Lebo launched vegan cream cheese alternatives during Horecava 2023

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Opening of new Lekkerkerker Group headquarters

Yesterday it finally happened! Our new headquarters is open.

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Vegetarian cream cheese

Pure cream cheese products, made with attention to people and animals

As a chef or vegetarian, it’s not always easy to see whether products are or aren’t vegetarian. Usually, you need to study the ingredients on the packaging and know your stuff to see whether it truly doesn’t contain meat or fish. Rest assured, all our Lebo cream cheese products are vegetarian

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Why Lekkerkerker Food?

Our director Mariska Lekkerkerker explains why it was time for a change.

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Lebo Kaas and Kasi Food are now Lekkerkerker Food!

Lebo Kaas B.V. and Kasi Food B.V. officially pooled their strength under a new name: Lekkerkerker Food. 

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Foodvalley Membership

The Lekkerkerker Group has joined Foodvalley, whereby we participate in the Protein Cluster knowledge network.

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Lebo Kaas launches a plant-based product line

Mariska Lekkerkerker shares her vision on the strategic choice for plant-based products in an article by OnderNamen.

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Difference between cream cheese and dairy spread?

Kees Rosman, our product developer, was one of the founders of Lebo Frisse Zuivelspread. He has been involved in the entire development process; the right person to ask these questions! He gives us the answers based on his expertise.

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Pimp your fries with cheese sauce

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Lebo Cheezer cheese sauce

Order Lebo Cheezer online!

Our Lebo Cheezer® webshop is live! From now on you can also order the ready-to-use Lebo Cheezer® sauce with real cheese online.

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