Lebo Kaas and Kasi Food are now Lekkerkerker Food!

Lebo Kaas and Kasi Food join forces as Lekkerkerker Food

On 1 June 2021, the manufacturing companies Lebo Kaas B.V. and Kasi Food B.V. officially pooled their strength under a new name: Lekkerkerker Food. Both companies have been active in the food manufacturing sector for many years, producing cream cheese and processed cheese products. As well as boosting the companies' corporate image, the new name will ensure greater name recognition and clearly establish the company's position in the market. "Lekkerkerker Food explicitly expresses that we are a family business in the food industry. This enables clearer communication of what drives us every day: manufacturing delicious and appealing products and working together with our clients on cutting-edge innovation," says owner and CEO Mariska Lekkerkerker.

The consolidation will also enable more effective customer service as clients now have a single point of contact. The separate manufacturing companies will continue to exist, although client contact will be conducted via Lekkerkerker Food. "As a result, we can boost the service we provide and optimise the simplicity and effectiveness of how we serve our clients."

The new name is also optimally compatible with the company's vision. In recent years, it has devoted a great deal of attention to vegan/plant-based cheese solutions. "We are convinced that feeding the world of tomorrow will require a transition to a more plant-based diet. Our goal is to create plant-based products that are indistinguishable from the real thing! Within Lekkerkerker Food, plant-based products will take their rightful place alongside dairy," says Mariska Lekkerkerker.

As a renowned brand within the food service market, the Lebo brand will continue to be used for our cheese solutions in the food service segment. Lekkerkerker Food offers an extensive range of cheese solutions for the food service, industrial and retail sectors.

Lekkerkerker Food: the perfect partner for inventive cheese solutions!

Lekkerkerker Food is part of the Lekkerkerker Group, a true family business in the Green Heart of the Netherlands with a passion for both dairy manufacturing and dairy technology. Lekkerkerker Food is the number one specialist in cheese products and preparations such as cheese fillings, cheese sauce, cheese spread, dairy flavourings and cream cheese as well as vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Everything we do is built upon our decades of experience in the dairy industry as well as our 'can-do' mentality. We also like to develop pioneering solutions together with our clients and push ourselves to the limits when challenges arise. As a long-established family business, we have been devising and producing innovative cheese solutions for multiple generations. For more information, visit www.lekkerkerkerfood.nl.

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