Foodvalley Membership

"We want to create a new generation of vegan cheese"

The Lekkerkerker Group has joined Foodvalley, whereby we participate in the Protein Cluster knowledge network.

Innovation and experimentation are in our DNA and this has not changed since our organization was founded in 1977. The Lekkerkerker Group now comprises five dairy companies, all focused on the production of dairy or the overhaul, trade and installation of dairy machines. We make, among other things, fresh cream cheeses, various (melting) cheese products and herb butter. Thanks to our product and technological knowledge, we can respond quickly to new developments.

Towards 50% plant-based production

By 2030, we want 50% of our total cheese production to be plant-based. We are well on our way to achieving that. We have developed a vegan alternative to cream cheese that is not inferior to the original in terms of taste and applications. We are also working on sliced and grated vegan cheese products and other cheese alternatives. We use coconut oil for this because it provides the best results in terms of structure and elasticity.

Exchanging knowledge and experiences

Ultimately, we want to move towards a generation of cheese alternatives that are made with local ingredients, high in protein and low in saturated fat. Via Foodvalley NL, we would like to get in touch with companies with whom we can exchange knowledge and experiences about ingredients and technology. How do other organizations increase the nutritional value of vegan cheese? And how do they motivate buyers to contribute to sustainability? We’d like to collaborate with other members and can help them scale up innovations.

In two years’ time we want to have several vegan alternatives to cheese on the market. Our Foodvalley NL membership will certainly help us with that.


We are Lekkerkerker Food. Your partner for inventive cheese solutions!

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