Difference between cream cheese and dairy spread?

In addition to our famous Lebo cream cheese products, we also offer Lebo Frisse (Eng: Lebo Fresh) dairy spread as a delicious and responsible alternative. The difference between the two may not be immediately obvious, so why would you choose a dairy spread rather than cream cheese? And what makes our Lebo Frisse dairy spread stand out in the market?
Our product developer Kees Rosman was one of the creators of Lebo Frisse dairy spread and was involved in the entire development process from taking lab samples to scaling up production. So who better to answer these questions? You can find his expert answers below.

What exactly is the difference between cream cheese and dairy spread?

A product can only be called cream cheese if it complies with a number of strict legal requirements concerning the fat and fluid content. When the fat content is lower, the product is referred to as dairy spread. Furthermore, part of the milk fat has been replaced with plant-based oil, meaning the dairy spread contains much less saturated fat and hence is healthier. The dairy spread is also much easier to spread.

What makes our dairy spread different?

The supreme quality of our dairy spread is mainly achieved during the production process. For example, unlike other food manufacturers, we use fresh Dutch milk and cream as raw materials instead of skimmed milk or milk powder. We make use of the natural milk fat to ensure a rich and creamy taste. We then add a proportion of plant-based oil to ensure the right consistency. This immensely craftful production method delivers a top-quality flavour. In this way, we have combined the very best that dairy and plant-based ingredients have to offer: a delicious alternative to cream cheese that is both healthier and easier to spread!

What are the key properties and advantages of Lebo Frisse dairy spread?

Firstly, the fat content is lower. Lebo Frisse contains only 10.6% saturated fat and is therefore a healthier alternative to butter, mayonnaise and crème fraiche. As a result, the spread meets the requisite healthy eating criteria set by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre. It is also perfect for children as a healthy alternative to cheese and cheese spread as it contains less salt.

As the spread is smoother and lighter in texture than cream cheese, it is ready to spread right out of the fridge. This makes it the perfect basic spread for professional chefs.

An additional benefit is that due to the low fat content, the dairy spread remains stable when heated. This makes it highly resistant to leaking, which is extremely useful when using it as a warm or hot filling.

In short, Lebo Frisse dairy spread offers countless benefits!

Are you curious about the possibilities? If so, view our recipes for more inspiration on how to use our products. 

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