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Is Lebo Plantz® 100% vegan?
Yes, all varieties are completely free of milk and other animal-based ingredients and have been officially certified as vegan.

I always buy Lebo cream cheese, how does it differ from Lebo Plantz®?
Lebo cream cheese contains milk and is vegetarian, while Lebo Plantz® contains no milk and is also vegan/plant-based. Both can be widely used in professional kitchens for snacks, dinner and desserts.

Are Lebo Plantz® products suitable for both vegetarians and vegans?
Yes, all varieties of Lebo Plantz® are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans as well as anyone else who would enjoy a delicious dairy-free alternative to cream cheese.

Are Lebo Plantz® products suitable for people with lactose intolerance?
Yes, all Lebo Plantz® products are allergen-free (based on the 14 statutory allergens stipulated in law) and therefore contain no milk, lactose, gluten, nuts or soy. This makes them ideal for use in professional kitchens.

Why would I choose Creamy Original rather than other plant-based alternatives to butter and cream?
We have conducted extensive tests in the kitchens of vegan chefs, creating a wide range of hot meals. Lebo Plantz® is a rich and creamy flavouring with body, fats and a full creamy flavour that adds flavour rather than just replacing it. It has the right texture and is easily processable, making it the perfect addition to every vegan chef's kitchen.

How can I best store your products?
Our products should be refrigerated (max. 7°C). Provided they are kept refrigerated, our products' shelf life is not reduced once opened. (Although our products always get eaten pretty quickly anyway!)

In what types of packaging is Lebo Plantz® available?
Lebo Plantz® can be purchased in a resealable 500g tub with a transparent lid, both of which are fabricated from fully recyclable material.

What is Lebo Plantz® made of?
The basic ingredient is coconut oil as this brings us as close to the flavour and applicability of cream cheese as possible. Naturally, we also add a variety of ingredients to achieve a rich, creamy and optimally spreadable plant-based cream cheese alternative.

Can I make vegan cheesecake with your product?
Yes, Lebo Plantz® Creamy Original is the ideal basis for a cheesecake in both bake and no-bake varieties. Take a look at our recipes and get inspired!

Can I apply Lebo Plantz® to hot dishes?
Yes, Lebo Plantz® Creamy Original is perfect for adding extra creaminess to pasta sauces, risottos and soups. If the plant-based cream cheese will be heated for a prolonged period, then extra binding agent such as potato starch or cornstarch is required.

Can I spread your product directly from the fridge?
Yes, Lebo Plantz® was developed to be immediately spreadable directly from the fridge. Just like cream cheese, we advise that you spread it out on sandwiches or wraps using a spatula or the rounded side of a spoon.

Is Lebo Plantz® a fully-fledged cream cheese replacement?
Yes, we can safely say that the flavour and applicability of Lebo Plantz® is so close to cream cheese that it can be considered a complete alternative. The two are different in terms of ingredients and nutrients, with the biggest difference being that our plant-based contains less protein, less sugar and more vegetable fats.

Why did you use plastic packaging?
After conducting meticulous research, it was found that mono-material and fully recyclable plastic packaging is the least damaging option for the environment. It also offers the longest shelf life, which helps to prevent food waste. Besides the packaging itself, the labels are also made of the same plastic material. However, with one eye on the future, we will continue to search for possible improvements in this regard.

Where can I buy your products?
We only sell Lebo Plantz® to the professional market and our products are therefore only available via wholesale. We have to be patient for a few months, but we'll let you know as soon as our plant-based product line is available on shop shelves!

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